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Welcome to Binary Reality, we are a south Manchester, UK computer software development company specialising in ecommerce and software integration for the agile business. We develop a wide range of business solutions with our broad software development expertise. Binary Reality utilises cutting edge technology such as the Microsoft .net framework to ensure that our custom built software really is tailored to your business software requirements.

Our biggest strength isn’t by focusing on one small market niche such as accounting software, instead we realise that our wide range of skills can be applied to a sales system just as well as a stock control system or even a business intelligence system. In fact in some cases techniques that are commonly used in one small area can be applied in a different area leading to innovative cost cutting software and additional functionality. Developing a variety of systems also gives us the edge with integration, be it through an EDI type system with suppliers or an e-commerce system between your customers, or finally and probably most essentially linking your business processes together.

Feel free to contact us for a discussion on what we can do for your business.

Some of the Benefits that our customers report are:

Automation - reduces time, errors/problems, and provides live accurate information

Integration - Saves time, increases efficiency, even opens new possibilities

e-commerce - New pools of customers, like opening a new shop but without the overheads

Bespoke - easy to use, complementary to the business processes, saves time, reduces errors

In all our projects the main themes are that our business software solutions; reduce time, reduce inaccuracies, make things run smoother, increase sales, increase profits, reduce overheads, increase levels of customer service, improve staff moral, and the list goes on. What ever your needs are, we understand that ultimately your software should work for you and prove a benefit to your company. This is our goal, not just to fit your business needs around a piece of software, but to fit software around your business needs to provide real benefits.

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Binary Reality for all your bespoke software development requirements